Aromatic Indian Ear Candle

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Description: Introducing ear-candles use at home, as an effective and alternative therapeutics relieve your stress and find your inner peace through our ear candle treatment. It is effective in reducing earache, itches of ears, headache, migraine, ear noise, stress and nervous tension. You will be definitely amazed by the face lift effect and a freer nasal breathing and improved sense of smell, even when the nose was blocked before the treatment. Most important of all, it will invoke your inner peace and bring along a sense of well-being.

Details as follow: Ingredients: 100% organic materials, 100% natural bees wax, pure oil, all of the materials are handmade and comply with the requirements for environmental protection.

Characteristics: No smoke, no ash; steady flame: Harmeless to skin and on the sage side. With high quality oil The principle of Indian Ear candle: The slight pressure produced by burning oscillates the air. And thus the drumhead is massaged and the ears feel warm. Use the quantity of burning heat to let the botanic oil enter the ears. Then dust and dirt in the ears will become fragile. And the clog which disease and injection have cumulated will be vented. After this Indian Ear Candle Dense Therapeutics, EWCBRBCT will assemble in the straws.

Process of treatments:
1) Clean the outside part of the ears warm towel and massage with appropriate quantity of essential oil(ur preference).
2) Lights up one aromatherapy ear candle (the bellmouthed end). When the end smokes, insert it into the ear perpendicularly.
3) When it burns to the line, dip the ear candle into water. Burn one pair of aromatherapy ear candles for 10-12 minutes each time.

7 types:
Sandalwood - coffee color (Suitable for normal skin)
Function: The senile skin makes up the water, to cause the skin soft, to eliminate the wrinkle to nourish the skin, to increase the elasticity, to eliminate the spirit depressed, calm, to urge calmly.

Dreamy Lavender - purple (Suitable for normal skin)
Function: Rests sweetly, eliminates the spirit tired and each kind of illness which the pressure causes.

Peppermint - white (Suitable for oily skin)
Function: To eliminate the acne, black, the dark sore, the contraction pore, to stimulate awakes the brain, comforts the mood, the relieve fatigue, the centralized attention

Mild Rosemary - blue (Suitable for dry skin)
Function: Relieves all discomfort due to fatigue, stress & slimming.

Bergamot – yellow (Suitable for oily skin)
Function: Useful for anxiety, depression, and stress relaxed conditions, having a refreshing and uplifting quality.

Warm Orange - orange (Suitable for dry skin)
Function: Calm, balanced volatile oil, may eliminate nervously, agitated, relief pressure.

Tea Plant – green (Suitable for oily skin)
Function: To contraction pore, awakes the brain, relief pressure and spirit tired.

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