Shiseido Sheep Placenta Facial Mask

Shiseido Whitening Essence Mask
資生堂(羊胎素活細胞再生面膜) 頂級效果 還原嫩白肌膚
RM4 each, 3 pc = RM10.
~ Whitening - Moisturizing - Hydartion effect~

RECOMMENDED: Suitable For All Skin Type.

FUNCTIONS: A vlvety smooth cream that rehydrates delicate face area skin as it softens the appearance of fine lines and other visible signs of fatigue. Reinforces the skin's natural protective barrier and promotes optimal radiance. Contains Phyto-vitalizing factor, an exclusive Shiseido ingredient. Alcohol-free, non-clogging to pores, dematologist and ophthalmologist-tested. Epidermis and dermis to promote the growth of cells, ultimately leading to cortical cells to maintain full and adequate moisture, collagen protein to achieve wrinkle-free, skin beauty cream white & wrinkle imporovement to good effect, so that your skin has become white in the short term fine brilliant. This product and its fine to bring back after use in the refrigerator up to three rounds of use.

1. Cleanse your face.
2. Exfoliate your skin (optional,but it would be recommended for best result)
3. Steam your face (strongly recommended)
4. Dry your face throughly.
5. Open this foil package and apply the mas smoothly onto your face.
6. Apply any exccess aollafen gel over the mask for better moisturizing.
7. Leave the mask on for approximately 20minutes.
8. Remove the mask gently and massage the remnant essence lightly until fully absorbed.
9. Followed by your regular facial regimen.

*Long-term usage full one week is recommended*

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