Pilaten - Crystal Collagen 4 in 1 Eye Mask RM2

Taiwan Beauty Show "Nv Ren Wo Zui Da" strongly recommended Crystal Collagen 4 in 1 Eye Mask is here with Honey. This product was HOT in market for long but Honey would like to add in Honey's product list cause it is very effective. And, it's PILATEN and ain't FAKE.

Fourfold Eye Treatment(4 in 1) :
Powerful reduces dark circles, Powerful removes puffiness, Prevent + Refine Aging, Anti-wrinkle moisture.
100% Authentic!
2pcs/1pair per pack,
RM2 each pack, 10 free 1.

Here is the picture of real PILATEN Crystal Collagen Eye Mask. Beware!!

Featured~ Thanks !!



Miu Miu Mooee

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